Services and Facilities


Mines and Geosciences XII Regional Office

Office of the Regional Director

          The Regional Director shall implement the pertinent laws, policies, rules and regulations; implement the Bureau’s programs in the region; exercise the management functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling; and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or further delegated by the Director.

          In particular, the Office of the Regional Director shall take charge of mineral lands administration and geosciences services; provide staff services on planning mineral economics, community development in relation to mining activities, information/education/communication campaign and legal matters; and render staff and technical support to the Panel of Arbitrators and the Provincial/City Mining Regulatory Board.

          This Office shall exercise supervision over the following Divisions:


          The Administrative and Finance Division shall provide general administrative services pertaining to human resource management, records, property and other forms of support to operations; and render budgeting, cashiering and accounting services.

          This Division shall be composed of the following Sections:

     1.1. Administrative

     1.2. Finance


      Administrative Section

Administer the Bureau’s human resource management and development, records, property      and supply management, building and ground maintenance, equipment and property maintenance and general services

Coordinate, develop and interpret the Bureau’s policies relative to administrative and personnel matters

Interpret, advise and assist the Regional Office on Administrative and personnel matters

. Execute and implement policies, rules and regulations in all areas of the personnel management and human resources development

. Responsible for the development of the comprehensive and a balanced personnel systems and programs designed to promote morale, integrity efficiency, responsiveness, progressiveness and courtesy

. Provide service relative to all personnel transactions, employees, welfare, health and recreational activities

. Keep and maintain records of personnel and general carpetas

          . Keep and maintain filling system and control of the reports and documents

          . Receive and distribute correspondence and maintain records books for such purposes

          . Procure, store, distribute and record all equipment and supplies of the Bureau

          . Make periodic inventory of the Bureau’s property, equipment and supplies

          . Recommend disposal of condemned or non-usable equipment

          . Keep and maintain filling system of records of property accountabilities

          . Provide support services for building and ground maintenance

          . Maintain the motorpool and administer the proper and optimum use of vehicles

          . Provide security for personnel, records, installation and properties of the office

          . Provide other essential services such as carpentry, janitorial and other related maintenance                       service.

    Finance Section

          . Administer, coordinate, develop and interpret the agency’s policies relative to accounting, taxes, budgets and cash, internal control and pre-auditing.

          . Interpret, advise and assist the Regional Offices on financial matters and provide information needed for planning and interested parties.

          . Responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations on the proper allocation and use of appropriations and allotments; Consolidate Budget Reports of Central Office and Regional Offices required by the interested parties.

          . Review, analyze and consolidate budget proposals

          . Recommends/assist in the design and installation of internal control safeguarded the assets of the agency and undertake the implementation thereof; unsure compliance of accounting /auditing rules and regulations and under necessary upon COA recommendations.


          The Mine Management Division shall undertake processing/initial evaluation of mining rights and operations in mining tenements; take charge of the operationalization of the mineral rights management system and provide technical services to other Government agencies, mining contractors/permittees and the general public.

       A.  Mining Rights Licensing Section (MRLS)

a.1   Receives/records/sorts/prepare/releases incoming and outgoing correspondences and mining documents from clientele and other offices.

a.2  Prepares and releases certificate of correctness of Xerox/true copies of miscellaneous documents/instruments, special power of attorney, special  mines permit, quarry permit, MPSA, FTAA, letter certificates and incoming and outgoing correspondences.

    a.3   Reviews and examine the documentation requirements of applications for EP, MA, FTAA, and all mining documents affecting mining rights as required and pursuant to existing mining laws, rules and regulations.

  a.4 Establishes and maintains registry books for the systematic recording and control of mining documents/instruments.

            a.5 Registers and takes custody of mining documents/instruments.

           a.6 Prepares and updates status reports/diskette files of the MRMS.

           a.7 Gathers data and prepares report on the monthly revenue collections of the office.

           a.8 Undertake the final evaluation of the requirements of the mining rights                                         applications prior to endorsement to MGB CO.

                 a.9 Undertakes the operationalization of the Mining Rights Management System    (MRMS).

          a.10 Answer queries on procedures and system of registering mining documents/instruments             and submission of requirements concerning applications of mining rights.

         a.11. Issues Ore Transport Certiification/Permit (OTC/OTP) and Mineral Ore Export Permit                    (MOEP)

         a.12 Conducts Information, Education, and Communication Campaign (IEC) on mining laws,                  other related laws and their implementing rules and regulations

B. Mineral Land Survey Section (MLSS)

b.1 Verifies the correctness of the technical description/hectarage of the applied areas and plots their boundaries in the tenement control map.

b.2Undertake the pre-plotting to determine the area whether it is closed or open to mining application and subsequently undertake final plotting of the area applied for before advising the applicant for the payment of filing fee.

b.3 Updates the mining tenement control map in a monthly and quarterly basis and submit the same to MGB CO.

b.4 Conducts verification and recommend to the regional director relative to the mineral land  survey activity conducted by a deputized Geodetic Engineer.

b.5 Conducts investigation regarding mining tenement boundary conflicts and other survey related activity.

b.6 Evaluates application for the deputation of geodetic engineers within the region.

b.7 Issues area status/clearance to all LGU endorsed SSM, SAG, Quarry and other mining rights applications.

C. Monitoring Technical Services Section (MTSS)

c.1 Undertakes the monitoring to the compliances of the permittees/contractors with the terms and conditions stipulated in the permit/contract.

c.2 Validates the result of the exploration activity in a certain approved/contract area (MPSA, FTAA, EP, etc.).

c.3 Undertakes investigation of mining complaints filed at MGB XII and other complaints related to mining.

c.4 Undertakes the compilation of the exploration result to serve as data base of the region.

c.5 Evaluates project feasibility study



        The Geosciences Division shall conduct geological, geoenvironmental and mineral exploration surveys; complement the Mine Management Division in the evaluation of mining rights applications; and provide geological and geoscientific information and geotechnical services to other Government agencies, mining contractors/permittees and the general public.

          This Division shall be composed of the following Sections:

      3.1 Geological Survey Section (GSS)

          3.1.1 Conducts geological mapping

          3.1.2 Conducts geohazard maqpping and assessment

          3.1.3 Conducts investigation of geohazard-related incidences as per request

                    by LGU

          3.1.4 Conducts geo-environmental evaluation of sanitary landfill

          3.1.5 Conducts groundwater resources inventory

          3.1.6 Provides LGUs geological data necessary for the municipality/city

                   Comprehensive land use plan

    3.2 Mineral Exploration

      3.2.1 Conducts semi-detailed to detailed mapping.

      3.2.2  Conducts mineral characterization.

      3.2.3  Conducts mineral resources inventory.

   3.3 Laboratory Services

          3.3.1 Conducts megascopic rock analysis

          3.3.2 Conducts in-situ physical and chemical analysis of groundwater


     4.1.Mine Environment Section (MES)

·         Conducts environmental monitoring to ensure that the approved Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programs (EPEPs)/Annual EPEPs; Final Mine Rehabilitation/Decommissioning Plans (FMR/DPs); Environmental Work Programs (EWPs); Mining Forest Programs (MFPs) and National Greening Programs (NGPs) are being strictly implemented by the Contractors/Permit Holders;

·         Assists the Mine Rehabilitation Fund Committee (MRFC) in the conduct of the following: 

o   Monitoring of the Rehabilitation Cash Funds (RCFs); Monitoring Trust Funds (MTFs); Final Mine Rehabilitation and Decommissioning Funds (FMRDFs) and Environmental Trust Funds (ETFs)

o   Monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the Multipartite Monitoring Teams (MMTs)

o   Preliminary evaluation of EPEPs and FMR/DPs

o   Evaluates and approves the submitted Annual EPEPs of Mining Contractors/ Permit Holders

o   Preparing the AEPEP Certificates of Approval

o   Preparing the MRFC quarterly report for the CLRFSC

o   Coordinating the MRFC meetings and MMT field monitoring;

·         Evaluates and endorses EWP;

·         Verifies semiannual reports on Mine Waste and Mill Tailings (MWMT) produced, contained, and/or utilized by mining companies and submits reports to MGB CO;

·        Participates in the review of Environmental Impact System (EIS) for mining projects in coordination with EMB RO;

·       Conducts assessment and investigation of mine environmental-related issues;

·        Evaluates plans and designs for mill tailings storage for issuance of clearance by the MGB Regional Office;

·       Participates in the technical review of Mine Project Feasibility Study of Contractors;

·       Attends environmental-related trainings and seminars.

·       Conducts review of mining contractors’/ permit holders’ performance and compliance to regulatory requirements.

·       Submits copy of environmental and NGP monitoring reports to MGB CO.

·       Conducts Information, Education, and Communication Campaign (IEC)

 4.2. Mine Safety and Health Section (MSHS)

·       Evaluates and recommends approval of Annual Safety and Health Programs (ASHPs);

·       Submits copy of ASHPs to MGB CO for its review and affirmation;

·       Conducts quarterly monitoring of Safety and Health Program of mining companies, quarries, sand and gravel industrial permit holders;

·       Conducts regular occupational Safety, Health and Hygiene inspections of mining Contractors/ Permit Holders;

·       Evaluates the emergency response and preparedness program of mining Contractors/ Permit Holders;

·       Evaluates applications and recommends approval for the registration of mining companies’ safety inspectors and safety engineers;

·       Inspects, evaluates and recommends approval of electrical and mechanical installations permits/ permit to operate those installations and in the construction of explosive storage facilities;

·       Conducts safety and health trainings/ seminars to increase the level of safety and health awareness in the mines upon the request of mining companies ;

·       Submits reports and SH information to MGB CO on mine-related accident, injury and sickness as well as explosives consumption by mining companies;

·       Conducts SH performance review of mining contractors/ permit holders;

*Submits copy of ASHP monitoring reports to MGB CO.

4.3 Social Development and Management Section (SDMS)

    General Functions

·         Evaluates and recommends approval of Community Development Programs (CDPs), Social Development and Management Programs (SDMPs), Annual SDMPs, Information, Education and Communication Programs ((IECPs) and Development of Mining Technology and Geosciences Programs (DMT/GPs);

·       Issues Certificates of Approval of CDPs/ SDMPs and ASDMPs and submits copy to MGB CO;

·       Undergoes training on community development with other stakeholders;

·       Conducts field monitoring and assessment of projects and activities to ensure that the approved CDPs, SDMPs and ASDMPs are being implemented by the Contractors/Permit Holders;

·       Participates in the consultation meetings with stakeholders during the formulation of CDPs/ ASDMPs;

·       Submits copy of CDP/ASDMP/IECP/ DMT/GP monitoring reports to MGB CO.